Build bridges, not walls—Design for users across cultures

Want your product to dominate the world? Here several case studies will show why you need more than translations to break into new markets.

As Internet access expands to the far corners of the world, product makers have the chance to see their work used by millions of people worldwide.

To create products for international users, we must be aware of the full range of human diversity with respect to language, culture and other forms of human difference. If the product doesn't adapt to users' differences, there's a big danger where we think our work is great, but users in other countries finds it terrible, or worse, unusable.

Join this talk to hear how Jenny designed for users in Europe, North- and South America, Asia, and Southeast Asia.

Friday, 2017-10-06 @ 12:15
> Skill level: elementary
> Duration: 45 min

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Photo of Jenny Shen

Jenny Shen

Jenny Shen is an independent UX/UI Designer who creates digital products for companies all over the world. She has worked with innovative startups to brands like eBuddy, TravelBird, and Deskbookers. Today, she focuses on designing travel tech products and shaping the future of travel. With her expertise in cross-cultural design, she also specializes in helping companies expand into new markets. She loves to help tech companies launch and grow their businesses by solving business and user problems.

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