Building a poor man's React

Ever wondered why React is so easy to use? What makes it tick? Let's build a react-like library to help us understand all the things!

React and most component based libraries are seemingly uncomplicated building block of web wizardry that just help us build user interfaces using pure simplicity.

But what lies underneath? How does it all tick? What wizardry is this? Let's try to understand some of the intricate details of React by building our own react-like library!

Saturday, 2017-10-07 @ 17:25
> Skill level: intermediate
> Duration: 25 min

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Photo of Kresimir Antolic

Kresimir Antolic

The main reason why Kresimir entered the mystical world of web development is the fact he had no Internet access while growing up. Once he was introduced to its magic he instantly fell in love with it and all the possibilities this platform provides. Now he’s passionate about the Web and having the possibility to work on it and hopes to do so for many years to come.

He spends his days as a JavaScrip Dictator at Oradian. He loves his job and the Web.

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