The State Of Chatbots In 2017

This talk is about chatbots! What is it, why is it important to know about it and how can it help you, your company or your clients.

2016 has been an amazing year for chatbots. It is the first year that people are using messenger platforms more actively than the big social networks. Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, Skype and Telegram have together more than three billions of active users! This led the messenger platforms to open their doors for application development on their chats and started the rise of these applications. We all know them today as chatbots.

We have seen lots of buggy and useless chatbots in the last year, but this has already changed in 2017. AI is getting better and better as well as the tools for building chatbots. Chatbots are much more than a little hype. They will change the way we communicate with companies and will bring customer support and personalisation to a new level. Additionally there are lots of other areas where chatbots can bring a better experience to users. I want to share with you everything I have learned about them in the last year and all of my gained experiences while building our first ones in PHP. This will help you to bring some chatbot knowledge to your company and to start thinking about use-cases for you and your clients.

Friday, 2017-10-06 @ 17:25
> Skill level: elementary
> Duration: 25 min

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Christoph Rumpel

After I tried my luck in the rock music industry for 10 years (🎸) I decided to change my focus. This was when I started studying Applied Media and when I discovered my passion for web development. 5 years ago (after my degree and some first jobs) I started at Liechtenecker ( where I still work. We transformed the company from a typical digital agency to an innovation lab. Now we try to help big companies with the fields design, UX and innovation to master the digitalization. We have a dev team and independently develop web projects, native apps and chatbots. Right from the start I have been working a lot with PHP and the Laravel Framework and now I use both for building chatbots. I believe that chatbots are a big part of the future of customer service and that this is the right time to start with it. I love coding, surfing and my Nintendo Switch 😁

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