Keechma - Going Beyond Redux

Keechma is a frontend framework for ClojureScript. This workshop will give you a crash course in Keechma architecture and some of it’s unique traits.

Back in the days there was Prototype.js, and after that we had jQuery, and everything was good. Not for me though, I was building a big frontend app in 2008 - 2009, and I had a need for some structure. Thankfully, there was JavaScriptMVC. This was my first contact with frontend JavaScript frameworks. In that moment there was JavaScriptMVC and Angular (yeah, there was a video and a blog post, but nothing else). JavaScriptMVC had documentation and it was production ready. For the next 5 - 6 years, it was my go to framework, and I was one of the core core contributors to the JavaScriptMVC framework (later known as CanJS).

Keechma is built on 5 years of experience of building a frontend framework. In this workshop, I'll take you through the decision process of building a framework, and explain why I made the decisions that I made.

This workshop is a "talk-only" kind of workshop, but the end game is not for you to use Keechma (although it would be great). The end game is you going home and understanding the decisions behind Keechma, and understanding how you can apply them to your apps.

We will use the as an example app. It would be great if you're familiar with the implemenation in your framework of choice, so we can talk about the differences.

Keechma promises a nice way to build deterministic and predictable applications. It's using Redux - style thinking as it's starting point (actions up, data down), but also extends that approach where it makes sense. The most unique aspect of Keechma is it's controller system, which allows the true unidirectional data flow. You can find out more about the controllers and the rest of the Keechma in the guides

Thursday, 2017-10-05 @ 09:00
Plaza Event Centar
> Duration: 4h
> Ticket price: 200kn (~€26)

This workshop has been canceled. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Mihael Konjević

Lead developer of - micro framework for Reagent / ClojureScript. CTO @floatingpointio . Who dares wins.

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