Logo Design Crash Course

Become a better logo designer – learn how to create symbols that attract attention.

Logo design skills open up more revenue opportunities for you, as well as a way to make a lasting impact on the businesses you work with and literally leave a mark.

The job of the logo designer is highly responsible, because the lifespan of a logo is much longer than that of a website design, app interface or an advertising campaign. This workshop offers the information and action steps for creating original, eye-catching symbols that break language barriers and instantly communicate ideas.

Some of the topics we'll cover in this workshop:

  • The role of logos in business
  • The elements of logo design, and how they're applied to different types of logos
  • Skills and competencies that differ great logo designers from the mediocre ones
  • Most common logo design mistakes and blunders to avoid
  • Building a reliable design process you can follow to always come up with a solution that works, and that your client will love
  • Expanding the logo into a visual identity system

This workshop is ideal for screen or print designers who want to expand their skills into the field of logo and brand design.


  • Knowledge of visual design elements and principles*
  • Some design experience is assumed
  • Bring your favorite sketching tools (sketchbook + pen, or a tablet with a stylus)

* Newbies are welcome, but in order to get the full value of the training, reading a book or an article series on graphic design theory prior to the workshop is advised, so you can follow along.

Thursday, 2017-10-05 @ 14:00
Plaza Event Centar
> Duration: 4h
> Ticket price: 400kn (~€53)

Photo of Nela Dunato

Nela Dunato

Nela Dunato is a brand and web designer with over a decade of professional experience. She’s worked in several web development agencies in Rijeka before starting her own design studio in 2013. She teaches graphic design as a course instructor at Algebra Open University, and also hosts her own workshops. She helps small business owners from all over the worlds to launch and grow their business using the power of branding, content marketing and WordPress websites.

The organizer reserves the right to cancel the workshop in case of unforseen circumstances such as speaker illness. In this case the tickets will be fully refunded.

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