Design Adventures in Open Source

Designing in open–source: creating a positive impact and becoming a better designer in the process through empathy and communication.

As a part of the design team for the biggest WordPress conference in the world — WordCamp Europe, I worked on branding, website theme and various other tasks. As a designer, it was challenging working under “constraints” of open–source, but I pulled through and learned a lot in the process, and I’d like to share that experience with you.

This talk is not about which tools to use or how to pick the project to contribute to. It’s about becoming a better designer by honing your communication skills and empathy towards your colleagues and people who will end up using your designs. By volunteering and contributing to open–source projects you’ll get the opportunity to work on challenging or a particular type of projects you might not otherwise have.

The design is less about making beautiful pictures you can sign your name onto; It’s more about creating a positive impact and improving the experience of the people using it.

Friday, 2017-10-06 @ 11:45
> Skill level: elementary
> Duration: 25 min

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Photo of Lucijan Blagonić

Lucijan Blagonić

Lucijan is a designer from Zagreb helping businesses and startups make informed design decisions, and deliver easy–to–use interfaces to their audience. He's also an active member of the WordPress community, one of the organisers of WordCamp Europe and WordCamp Zagreb.

Over the years, Lucijan helped dozens of clients plan and prototype their idea into a full–featured product or a website — guiding them from the initial phase of defining project goals to information architecture, design, and ultimately delivering clickable prototypes to developers. With a thorough understanding of HTML and CSS, he can build living style guides and design systems that are quickly adopted by developers, thus making some decisions directly in the browser — which benefits clients, developers and users alike.

Lucijan is focused on applying various User Experience techniques in his work. By building design systems, he is also empowering others on the team to follow best design practices. He is engaged in the design community — speaking at conferences and sharing his knowledge — determined to do his part and help make the internet a better place for everyone.

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