Friday, October 6th

08:30 Doors open
10:00 Opening word
10:15 Programming across paradigms Keynote
Anjana Vakil
11:15 Division break
11:45 Writing code? Pfft... Evolve it instead!
Emma Gordon
Design Adventures in Open Source
Lucijan Blagonić
12:15 Year with eventsourcing and CQRS
Miro Svrtan
Build bridges, not walls—Design for users across cultures
Jenny Shen
13:05 Getting test data for your system: as hard-core and as fun as it gets! Sponsored
Tomislav Nakić-Alfirević
User Testing on Two Year Olds
Gabrijela Šitum
13:35 Lunch sponsored by
15:05 2nd hardest thing in computer science Community
Paweł Lewtak
Turn Zero to Hero
Mihael Tomić
15:35 Elements of Scalable Architecture
Goran Peretin
Software industry is making us stupid
Goran Peuc
16:25 Break
16:55 Developing a safer web with Rust
Stanko Krtalić Rusendić
Frontend creativity with web animations
Mario Novoselec
17:25 The State Of Chatbots In 2017
Christoph Rumpel
Debugging communication
Mario Mucalo
17:55 End of day


Saturday, October 7th

08:30 Doors open
10:00 Opening word
10:15 CSS Grid Changes Everything (About Web Layouts) Keynote
Morten Rand-Hendriksen
11:15 Division break
11:45 A Geography of Design
Sonja Heinen
Taming legacy (on a live project) Sponsored
Vedran Križek
12:15 The Async nightmare
Toni Petrina
The Holy Trinity of Monitoring: Logs, Metrics, and Traces
Philipp Krenn
13:05 Adventurous experiences of a remote product designer Sponsored
Ivana Milicic
Ops I did it again
Tomislav Raseta
13:35 Lunch sponsored by
15:05 Technical Career Path: From junior to senior thru chosen chapters of software literature Community
Ksenija Kordi Sokolic
Cooking with large batches of object storage Sponsored
Josip Domšić
15:35 Neuroscience and how to design brand driven UX.
Felix van de Sand
Microservices in production: a case study
Marin Prcela
16:25 Break
16:55 Unlocking the full potential of SVG
Magdalena Maglicic
Automating drone with real-time video processing and NodeJS
Demir Selmanovic
17:25 Building a poor man's React Community
Kresimir Antolic
Running webservices on resource-limited embedded platforms
Niksa Orlic
18:00 Closing word

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