Metagrokking Elixir

This workshop aims to improve your Elixir onboarding experience, by walking you through an implementation of a simple, real-world resembling web-facing system, and explaining various features of the language and the runtime along the way.

The Elixir language is a great choice for developing most kinds of web-facing systems. Not only is the language approachable, but being powered by the Erlang virtual machine, it simplifies the job of building fault-tolerant and scalable systems. Starting a new project is simple, you can move forward at a steady pace, and at the same time go very far and have your system handle millions of users and process thousands of requests per second.

However, in order to reap these great benefits, you need to pay the learning curve price. Compared to most of other mainstream languages, Elixir is somewhat unusual, so you'll need to learn a lot of new concepts. Not only do you need to master the whole new language, and become familiar with its ecosystem, but you also need to adapt to the functional programming paradigm, grasp the Erlang's concurrency model, and understand some aspects of the underlying runtime. While none of those things are by themselves difficult, there's definitely a lot of new ground to cover, and you might get lost or feel overwhelmed in the process.

This workshop will help you flatten the learning curve, by explaining the most important parts of a typical web-facing system written with Elixir/Phoenix. The workshop will cover the following topics:

  1. Functional programming
  2. Concurrent programming
  3. Web-facing systems

After the workshop, you'll have a better understanding of how different parts of the language are used to build reliable, fault-tolerant, and scalable web-facing systems. The workshop describes the forest, making it easier for you to learn about the trees.

This is a "talk-only" kind of workshop. There will be no hands-on exercises, so having a laptop is not required. The concepts will be explained mostly by walking through an implementation of a simplistic, real-world resembling web system.

The workshop assumes that you're an otherwise experienced programmer, using languages such as Ruby, Python, C#, Java, JavaScript, and the accompanying web frameworks to build web-facing systems. No knowledge about Elixir, Erlang, OTP, Phoenix, or functional programming is required.

Wednesday, 2017-10-04 @ 14:00
Plaza Event Centar
> Duration: 4h
> Ticket price: 200kn (~€26)

Photo of Saša Jurić

Saša Jurić

Software developer at Aircloak, a startup developing a solution for plug-and-play privacy compliance. Has many years of experience building server systems as well as desktop applications using various languages and technologies such as Elixir, Erlang, Ruby, JavaScript, C#, C++. The author of "Elixir in Action", and an occasional blogger at

The organizer reserves the right to cancel the workshop in case of unforseen circumstances such as speaker illness. In this case the tickets will be fully refunded.

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